Audi stepped up its drive to electric mobility by unveiling the e-tron Sportback concept at the Auto Shanghai motor show. The exciting new study car packs a 320 kW drive, while combining classic Audi elements of trendsetting technology, design, and power. The debut comes ahead of the first e-tron production model set for launch in 2019. Take a closer look at the future of electric cars.

In a significant milepost in the brand's journey to electric mobility, the Audi e-tron Sportback concept was unveiled at the marquee Auto Shanghai show. This exciting development comes ahead of the first Audi e-tron production model launch next year.

Setting the Sportback concept apart is its electrifying architecture tailored to the technology and the package of the electric drive – without compromising in the looks department.

In the light-coloured interior featuring four individual seats, information and interaction are just a touch away for driver and passengers. Expansive touch-sensitive screens below the central display, on the centre console and in the door trims take pride of place. The horizontal surfaces on the dashboard and the seemingly floating centre console also convey a sense of open perspectives.

The concept's lighting technology is also equally impressive. The LED-powered lights and Minuscule Digital Matrix projectors literally make their mark on the road ahead, turning light into a versatile, dynamic channel of communication with the surroundings. No surprise there – the brand with the four rings was the first in the world to adopt full LED headlights among other breakthroughs in the industry.

The exterior mirrors are replaced by small cameras to virtually eliminate any blind spots. Besides improving air flow and reducing wind noise, this technology shows the camera images on separate displays inside the car. The innovation is set to be a feature in the upcoming production version.

For its drive, the four-door Gran Turismo uses a configuration that will also be adopted in future production Audi models with all-electric drive: One electric motor on the front axle and two on the rear power all four wheels, transforming the high-performance coupé into a quattro in typical Audi style.

Boasting 320 kW of power – which can go up to 370 kW on boost mode – the concept can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The Sportback can also go the distance, reaching 500 km on a battery packing 95 kilowatt-hours.

The concept gives us a look into the exciting e-tron vehicles set to debut soon. Next year will see the first e-tron production model that has been hailed as “the first electric car in its competitive field that is fit for everyday use” by Rupert Stadler, Chairman of AUDI AG.

“We will make this sporty SUV the must-have product of the next decade.”