What you should do in unexpected situations
The Audi connect map update service allows you to download up-to-date maps for your MMI,
save these on an SD card and then transfer them to your vehicle.
Audi Roadside Assistance
9828 1233
  • In the event of an accident:
    • Do not panic.
    • If anyone is injured, call 995 (ambulance) or 999 (Police) immediately.
    • Do not move your vehicles unless necessary.
    • If there are no injuries, take photographs of the accident scene, and vehicles and property involved.
    • Exchange personal details with the other driver, including:
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Make/Model/Colour of Vehicle
    • Name/Address/NRIC/Contact number/Automobile Insurance provider of the other driver
    • Do not engage in arguments or admit liability.
    • Make a report
    • If you are insured by AIG with Premium Automobiles, contact Audi Service Centre: 6366 2323.
    • If not, contact your insurance provider to make a report.
  • If there's a flat tyre:
    • Stop your vehicle in a safe area well away from moving traffic.
    • Apply the parking brake and switch off the engine.
    • Engage first gear (manual gearbox) or move gear selector to P (automatic gearbox) to prevent the vehicle from moving accidentally.
    • Check the respective tyre repair kit under the floor panel in the luggage compartment.
    • Compact temporary spare wheel – only intended for temporary use until you can reach a workshop.
    • Inflatable collapsible spare wheel – will only extend to its full diameter when it is inflated.
    • Read your in-car manual for more details, and instructions on how to replace the tyre.
  • The engine will fail to start if your battery is flat. In this case, you will need to jump-start your car.
    • Jump leads are required. Use only jump leads with insulated battery clamps.
    • Using the jump lead, connect your battery to the battery of another vehicle.
    • Connect the Positive terminal of your battery with the Positive lead (usually marked in RED).
    • Then connect the Negative terminal with the Negative lead (usually marked in Black).
    • Connect the Positive lead to the Positive terminal of the battery of the other vehicle, and connect the Negative terminal with the Negative lead.
    • Once the clamps are securely connected, crank the engine until it starts.
    • Drive to the nearest workshop to have your battery replaced.

Contact any of the following for further assistance
Audi Service Centre: 6366 2323
Singapore Civil Defence Force: 995
Singapore Police Force: 999
Land Transport Authority: 1800-2255-582 (1800-CALL-LTA)